For this week’s blog assignment (due Sunday, 9/9 at 6pm), you will:

  • Watch the South Park episode “HumancentiPad” and consider how it frames the relationship between media industries and consumers, and “innovation.”
  • Read the Terms and Conditions/Terms of Service/Terms of Use for any website or service that you use regularly (e.g. iTunes, YouTube, Twitter, Facebook, Hulu, or any other site), paying particular attention to any section on copyright or intellectual property.
  • Citing relevant materials from both “HumancentiPad” and the Terms of Use you’ve selected, write a blog post in which you address William Patry’s chapter “How the Copyright Wars are Being Fought and Why.”  This blog post should synthesize Patry’s central argument and apply it to the aforementioned texts.
  • Use the MLA section in A Writer’s Reference (p. 370-440) as your guide when citing your sources.  When quoting from Patry or digital sources, be sure to include both an in-text citation when appropriate, and a list of works cited.  In particular, see the resources on single author sources when citing Patry (p. 390, 399), and organization as author (p. 392, 400) and citing online sources (p. 412-413) when citing Terms of Use on websites.

The South Park episode “HumancentiPad” satirizes Apple’s relationship with its customers.

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