Failing to focus on the importance of the service agreements, consumers like Kyle in South Park’s episode “Humancentipad”, summit to the control of the copyrighter and become the sources of the copyrighter’s abuse. Kyle, who symbolizes present- day youth, decides not to read the service agreements, thus making himself vulnerable to the regulations of the copyrighter. South Park demonstrates that consumers must be cognizant of what they agree to, for copyrighters may not have the consumer’s best interest in mind. Jubilantly stating, “It does email, and web browsing, and it s**ts in Kyle’s mouth?!” (South Park 18:27),Cartmen stresses not only the benefits of the copyrighter’s product but also the consequence of violating the “Terms of Service”.  Being a part of a humancentipad experiment may not be one of the consequences, but the copyrighter’s manipulation in the South Park episode validates the reoccurrence of copyrighter’s control over the user. In How the Copyrighted Wars Are Being Fought and Why, William Patry emphasizes the control of big corporate industries through the “push” marketing method. Describing how push marketing “encompasses [the industrie’s] desire to control all aspect of the production”, William stresses the limitations of this method, for the industries ignore the commands and desires of the public and produce material that may or may not suit the users (6). Illustrating the in the South Park video, Apple created a product that they believed to be revolutionary. This product was created without considering the desires of the public, and because the producers did not collaborate with the consumers, Apple represents a push marketing system where consumers are controlled by the industry.

Youtube, like Apple Inc., provides the user with a “Terms of Service” agreement before the legitimate use of the video sharing website. Encouraging the “uploading of an original video to YouTube, or maintaining an original channel on YouTube, to promote Your own business or artistic enterprise;” Youtube encourages users to expand their creativity and restrain from utilization another copyrighted material (Statement 2010).  These license agreements serve as a basis for the respect of an owner’s piece of copyrighted material, and discourage the distribution of copyrighted material without the owner’s consent. Youtube represents the pull marketing system, for different producers can collaborate with buyers to create pieces of work that can financially benefit the industry and that can benefit the public as well. Listing the significance of the pull system: “enhanced innovation, increased opportunity for collaboration, relationships with consumers and suppliers”, William contrasts the creative production of the pull system and the obsolete productions of the push method (8).

South Park and William Patry’s How Copyright Wars Are Being Fought and Why provide the consumers a perspective about the intentions of major industries. Whether the intentions are sincere or not, owners demand the respect for their work and demand the proper distribution for their copyrighted material. Consumers can be punished for the illegal purchase of copyrighted material, but these consequences are actions taken by the owner to protect his ideas and material.


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