One of my colleagues in the CDLR, Adrianne Wadewitz, is a Wikipedia Ambassador.  There’s a “Wikipedia Takes Los Angeles” event this coming Saturday that she wanted to extend an invitation for, especially because it relates to some of the themes of our course.  Here’s a quick description/more info:

On Saturday, September 22 Wikipedia will be having a “Wikipedia Takes Los Angeles” event in Pasadena. We will be taking photographs of national historic monuments and uploading them to the encyclopedia. Students will explore the area, learn a little bit of history, learn about copyright, and learn how Wikipedia acquires content. There is a facebook page on which to signup below.

It sounds like a cool event, and a great excuse to go explore Pasadena and learn more about Wikipedia’s copyright policies.  If you end up going, let me know and I will give you some extra credit towards your participation grade for attending and writing up a brief recap of the event for our blog.