This blog prompt will serve as a bridge between our week on fair use and next week’s topic: remix.  You will select a remix video, and make a case for why the video does or doesn’t fall under fair use, drawing on specific sections of Patricia Aufderheide and Peter Jaszi’s Reclaiming Fair Use.  

This should not be a simple yes because/no because response, but rather you should engage with the nuances and ambiguities of fair use exemptions, and analyze how the video is decontextualizing or recontextualizing copyrighted content.  Choose your video thoughtfully, because some of them will become our case studies for next week’s class discussions, but you can select any video you want, provided that it meets two criteria:

  • Many/most of the visual or aural elements used in the video are copyrighted materials.
  • You’re able to embed it in your post for the blog (see below).

For most youtube videos, this will be as simple as copying and pasting the link into the body of your post (see the red square below.  For other sites, you might need to C/P the embed code (see the circle/arrow below) into the “text” tab in WordPress (look to the top right corner of the frame you’re typing in) when composing your post:

Leave any questions you might have in the comments…