In Jewish style – Official parody to PSY – GANGNAM STYLE (강남스타일), a group of men Parody the hit song Gangam Style by PSY. In the video posted below, a group of people dance and sing to the song changing the lyrics to talk about Judaism. The song also uses the same beat and dances in the video. So is this parody a copyright? “When you parody, you need to be referring to a text, which can include a performance, because you’re imitating it with a critical purpose related to the specific text.” (Aufderheide and Jaszi 184) In the title of this video it does give credit to PSY’s song and also explains this video is a parody. Also by keeping the same beat of the original song, it is referring to the text. Though it can still be argued that the parody is copyright. “…People can quote copyrighted work without permission or payment” (Aufderheide and Jaszi 3). Nowhere in the video a quote is taken from the original text. Actually every lyric is changed in the song, though the melody and beat remains the same. So what are the factors that would matter in deciding whether this is fair use.
There are four thing to take into account whether something if fair use or not.  The first thing to consider is the character of the use. The character of the use is not a hundred percent clear. The song is free to download from a website, though this parody has given fame to this song and singers. The second idea to take into account is the nature of the original work. The nature of this song is to create a humorous piece of work towards the hit song and Judaism. Though in no way hinder the original song. The third idea to consider is the amount taken from the original work. While the whole song and melody is taken from the original work, no lyrics or scenes were taken. The last factor of fair use is the effect of taking on the market value of the work. (Aufderheide and Jaszi 24). The creators of the video are making money off this parody from the views they received on youtube. Though like previously stated, they are not selling the parody. Also they are not taking money away from the original song. Due to this, Jewish style – Official parody to PSY – GANGNAM STYLE (강남스타일), does fall under the US Law, as fair use.

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