While surfing for remix videos to use, I came across this remix video of Obama “rapping” his own version of 99 Problems by Jay-Z. When I saw this video, I knew it was the perfect video to use because of how it falls under Fair Use. This creator this video basically took snippets of words from recordings of Obama speaking, and rearranged them to make it sound as though he was rapping his own version of the rap song. The really clever thing I like about this video is that it actually has curses, which is usually unheard of for Obama remix videos.

The first main reason that I believe this falls perfectly under fair use is because it addresses the need of “transformativeness” wholeheartedly. The message that this remix video was echoing wasn’t the same message in the slightest that Obama was trying to make in his speeches that were used. The criteria states that work is tranformative if “the material [is] recontextualized and re-presented for a new purpose, and to a new audience.” (Aufderheide and Jaszi pg 81) This remix video does exactly that. The creator of the video targets a whole new audience with this remix, as well as a new purpose, to entertain. The creator also claims fair use in the bottom of the description:

“99 Problems (Explicit Political Remix)” constitutes a fair use of its repurposed sources
Title 17 U.S.C. Section 107

The clips that this video incorporates are no more than a second long, seeing that each clip is just a single word or phrase, so it would be pretty hard for the video to encompass the original meaning of his speeches. The creator also made up his own lyrics to the song, which helps because he might’ve had problem with Jay-Z and his copyrighted song “99 problems” if he had used Jay-Z’s original lyrics.


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