Antoine Dodson first burst into the media spotlight after an interview went viral on YouTube. Under bizarre circumstances, a man had climbed through his sister’s window and had crept into bed with her. Luckily, she was able to call for help, with Antoine coming immediately to her aid. The man got away, but was later caught by police. After the incident, video of Antoine threatening her stalker went viral. Soon after, a musical remix was created using video excerpts from the interview.


            The musical remix of the interview is completely transformative, differing entirely from the original content. While the original video was meant to inform the public of important events in the area, the remix is meant completely as entertainment. The remix takes an entirely different approach on the content, looking at it in a less serious light and in more of a joking and light-hearted manner. In this way, the remix in no way conveys the same meaning or tone that the original video portrays. Although the remix is actually about a minute longer than the original interview, the actual content of the interview is used quite sparingly, with lines being reused multiple times. Do


            Because the interview and the musical remix are so different, the remix in no way detracts from the viewership of the interview. While both the interview and the musical remix tell the same story, the remix does it in such a way that anybody looking for information would not rely on it.


            If anything, the remix helped in finding the attacker by spreading awareness. This means that the remix caused no harm to anyone involved. Because of all these things, it is safe to say that the musical remix involving the interview of Antoine Dodson falls under fair use. 

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