In his initial video, Rick Perry caused great controversy when he criticized America for letting gays serve in the military. Many disapprove of his political views, and the 800,000 dislikes prove the public’s disapproval of Perry’s political endeavors. This remix video, “Rick Perry-Stronger Parody”, serves to humiliate Rick Perry and to express the wrongness of the statement that he made in his original campaign video.

Because this video uses different background music, actor, scene, and campaign slogan, the remix video falls under fair use. “You are mocking politicians by developing ridiculous versions of their names. This does not involve copyright, and since they are public figures you are free to make fun of them” (Aufderheide and Jaszi 184). The purpose of this video is to entertain the audience and is not used for commercial use. Also, the video has several scenes, which serve to turn Rick Perry against the public, and has several slogans that express the dislike for Rick Perry’s political campaign. This video is transformative because instead of gaining the appreciation of the public the video attempts to turn voters against Perry. The intent is different, and so is the message.

This remix video is also longer than Rick Perry’s original video and doesn’t include clips from the original. Rick Perry’s original video targets families and young voters while the remix video targets audiences that are unaware of Rick Perry’s political views or that already dislike this political figure. This video has a more harsh tone and is more unpleasant than the original video. The video is not used for financial profit; therefore, this video falls under the category of fair use.

Ultimately, this video falls under fair use because it is completely different than Rick Perry’s video. This video doesn’t violate any copyright laws; therefore, it will remain in the internet because of fair use.


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