When we think of remix, we think of media that has been recontextualized into another work. The same notion goes for sampling as well. However, the film showed in the Cinematheque Presentation featured a different kind of remixers, physical remixers. The film features a group called Survival Research Labs (SRL). What SRL does is create huge robot-like contraptions out of things they find at the dump. Some of their raw materials could include any of the following: an old piano, lawn mower, car parts, or computer. With these machines, the group then puts on shows in order to evoke a sense of fear in their audience members while simultaneously giving an artistic presentation. The concept of the DIY culture that the SRL subscribe to is closely related to remix culture in two ways. 

The first way is that both cultures are very much dependent on others for raw materials. In other words, they sample. Just as a remixer might take parts of previously existing sound or video clips, the Survival Research Labs take parts of previously existing pianos, computers, law mowers, cars, or anything else they can find. In both situations, the groups take content previously used in one scenario, transform it for their specific needs, and recontextualize it into a completely different scenario. 

The other way in which the Survival Research Labs are like remixers is that they rely on a responsive audience. Remix would cease to exist if consumers of media did not respond to what they were hearing. The productions of the SRL work in the same way. Part of the appeal of the SRL shows is the trapped feeling and sense of fear that audience members experience when the machines interact with them up close. Many audience members leave the shows with a headache, an escalated heart rate, and sometimes a ringing noise in their ears. No matter what the reaction is, both remix culture and the SRL are dependent on audience reaction and participation for the continuation of their art. 

It could be argued that remix is part of the DIY culture that the SRL belongs. However, the huge difference between physical remix and digital remix is copyright laws. In the film, I never saw Yamaha trying to sue the SRL for using parts of their lawn mower without proper permission, something that does happen in the world of digital remix.