Because we are headed into the remix video assignment next week, and you’ll be spending the weekend formulating your argument and gathering materials (or “evidence”), this post will be co-authored by you and your partner.  You will collaboratively:

  • Select a remix video that you think makes a compelling argument (this doesn’t mean it has to be tonally “serious,” it just needs to make a clear statement about an issue, using audio and visual materials to support this point)
  • Write up (approx 500 words) on…
  1. What the video is arguing
  2. Why, specifically, it’s effective in how it makes its argument
  3. The transformativity of the use
  4. What you will take away from this video when prepping your own remix video re: what works, what doesn’t.

Basically, your remix video team will turn an analytical eye on a remix video, with the aim of helping you be strategic in the design of your own, and to model the sorts of questions and conversations you and your partner should be having throughout this process.  If you are looking for some potential videos, Political Remix Video might be a good starting point.