The video we choose to break down, “A Brief History of Conspicuous Product Placement in Movies,” comes from the Political Remix Video website and presents a critical analysis of the role of advertising and product placement in films.

Through the use of clear and successive examples and framing text throughout the film, the video clearly argues its point. Other effective methods include:

  • Using an argumentative title
  • Breaking up the video clips with slides of commentary that introduce what will be argued with each example, which also guides viewers through the video chronologically and conceptually
  • Using text which  frames and adds voice to the video which leads the viewer in the right direction.
    • For example, the text “Now the floodgates were open to atrocities like this…” introduces the clip of actors dancing in the 1988 film “Mac and Me” in which McDonalds is conspicuously advertised. This kind of  provocative language creates a bias. Atrocities and floodgates imply disaster of a devastating nature.
  • Each text preceding a clip is akin to a new paragraph in an essay.
  • Displaying “the title of the film (year), advertisement” on the left corner of the screen corresponding with the appropriate film clip to display the

A work is transformative when “the material has been recontextualized and re-presented for a new purpose, and to a new audience.” (Aufderheidede and Jaszi 81) The clips in the remix video have been taken out of their original context and thrown into a critical environment. The copyrighted materials’ original purpose was for entertainment. The remix transforms this purpose to become evidence in an argument about the prevalence of product placement in films.

This remix video is a clear example of a well-presented argument about the film industry. Through its content and framing of the clips, the argument is presented, in a style we might want to emulate in our remix video. The use of guiding text throughout the video, which serves as a road map to the argument and tone of the piece was an effective strategy that could help us guide our own argument. Other aspects we can take away from this video and keep in mind when we are producing our own are the ineffective ones such as the music and the technique used for the video’s ending. We thought neither the music nor the ending of the video added a new dimension to the overall message of the video in the way it potentially could have. To ensure our film does not fall short in the same way, we plan to be thoughtful in how we convey each aspect of our argument.

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