James Bond is the iconic symbol of a debonair, stealthy secret agent who often has his way with the ladies. But this “way” involves the misogynist treatment of women through inappropriate, and at times even violent, acts. This is the argument the video “The Real James Bond – by Veovisjohn (2009)”  makes through editing together a series of clips of James Bond mistreating women for selfish purposes. The remix creates the effective argument of James Bond being a misogynist by utilizing the film’s own score that adds a sense of authenticity to the video. The audio track implies that Bond’s new mission is to dominate and use women.
The film begins with romantic pacing and images, but then quickly changes to convey the womanizer Bond is. The choice of clips to demonstrate this argument create a clever mix of examples of male misogyny. The remix video is effective in portraying  this message through taking specific clips where Bond is shown to have power over a woman’s body by; for example like Bond repetitively slapping a woman’s behind or showing a series of Bond forcing women to perform actions (like clips when he pushes two women underwater or when he kisses a woman without her permission). During the full length movies we may be able to see and understand why he performs these actions, but when there is no context to these scenes Bond can be understood to be a womanizer. Thus the clips are transformed to portray Bond not as a sleek spy who exhilarates his audience but as a pompous woman hater who should alienate his female viewers as opposed to attract them.
The clips are transformative in the sense that they are not being used to give an adrenaline rush to the viewers as would the full length James Bond movies. Instead of promoting this sense of an action based character that the movies do, the clips portray what the main character is supposed to be in the eyes of the creator of the video: an overpowering misogynist. The clips take on a new meaning that differentiates them from their original form. They are using the clips to prove the point that James Bond does not know how to treat women instead of idolizing him as the best agent known to man.
In watching this video we have learned that repetition can serve as a strong technique to stress a certain point in the argument we are making. Also short clips that share similar action and theme cut back to back can create a strong argument through demonstrating the common recurrence of the point or idea. We also learned that the proper choice of music also serves as an important factor when creating a remix video. Without the proper music an argument can lose strength in its argument. What would not work would be having a variety of scenes that prove different points and have no flow. This leads to confusion and lack of a sharp central point. Maintaining a powerful central point is crucial in creating an effective argument through remix video.

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