The video, “Mr Mondialisation – We Want Your Soul”, argues the control corporate propaganda has on our lives. The propaganda emphasizes the creation of a plastic universe where the public is influenced to meet certain physical standards. The advertisements show certain products that will make the consumers slimmer, more attractive, or more acceptable to society. In this remix video, women, who promote different products, have only a bra and underwear, thus stressing the nation that by purchasing the product, women eventually transform into an erotic model. By having slim models sponsor food products, corporate America controls the diet regime of the women and ultimately alters the lifestyle of the women, who change in order to meet the expectations of society. This video exposes its argument by assimilating the song “We want your soul” into the video. The song represents the point of view of corporate America and stresses the intentions of major industries to control the norms of the public. Models in underclothing, the president’s address to the people, and families using certain electronic products make this video so effective. In this video, families are united by electronic products, and this propaganda creates an idea that the product is essential for family unity and happiness. The clip of the president appears when the song says “You are free to do as we tell you”, automatically expressing the controlling intentions of the manipulative corporate propaganda.

This video is easily transformative because of the length and the number of clips that are used, and the intent of the video. The clips from commercials are reduced in length, meaning that the clip sends an entirely different message than the message of the original clips. The song that plays in the background ensures that the clips retain none of their original meaning, and that the only message the clips send is that from the remix. The video is also made in order to spread awareness of the evils of corporate advertising, and this public awareness places the video under educational and critiquing purposes.

What we liked the most about this video was the fast pace that it has. Every clip is only a few seconds long, which means that the video never gets boring or repetitive. Those clips that are shown multiple times are vital to the message that the video is sending. We realize that we will not be able to get this many clips, but I would still like to keep our clips as short as possible so that the remix video maintains a fast pace. We also liked how at one point in the video, the author changed to black and white clips for about 30 seconds. We thought this sent a message, as well as making the video more interesting. The ending of the video, where the author showed multiple shots in quick succession of a second or less per shot, was very effective. It almost felt like the video was rewinding back to the end, and the message of the video was covered during the rewind because of the now-familiar clips that we see flashed on the screen. This is something that we want to use to end our video.


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