In the video we’ve chosen, “American Horror Story Remix,” the argument is being made that despite American Horror Story’s medium, television, and its unique plot lines and characters it still draws inspiration from and pays homage to a wide range of horror movies and the tropes that are seen within them. In the remix video, the editor’s choice of showing clips from AHS and then immediately after showing a clip from one of the horror movies helped show the two’s similarities. For example, the shots of the twins from The Shining juxtaposed with the shots from the twins in American Horror Story helped the viewer see the potential inspiration drawn from the film. Also, the continuity between AHS and the other horror movies, as put to together in the remix video, assisted their argument that even though the shots were from completely different works that they fit together well in terms of coherency. This is shown well within the video with the scene of the red ball being rolled on the ground toward the camera in the AHS shot and another red ball being picked up at the end of stairs by a man in a shot from one of the other horror movies.

The transformative nature of the use of the clips can be seen by the amount of the clips used because they were truncated enough that they were only used to get the point across to the viewer. The use of the clips was solely argumentative, in comparison to each other, as opposed to the nature of the originals which were used for entertainment purposes within the context of their respective films. However, there were certain clips like the one of Jack Nicholson axing the man in The Shining, although broken up into smaller clips was used almost in its entirety. The clip could have easily have been shortened, but nevertheless it still helped further the creator’s argument. In regards to the use of Nirvana’s song “Heart Shaped Box,” the use of the song made sense in regards to the beginning of the clip when the character Tate from AHS made a Nirvana reference, but had no other purpose in the clip besides maybe setting the tone for certain transitions and helping even further intensify certain scenes that were already intense. The music itself wasn’t transformative enough because of the lack of purpose within the video, which in turn shows how little of a change its purpose was from its original use.

In preparation for our own remix video we were able to take away a couple of things, the first being that all elements used have a purpose within the context of the argument we’re making and that those purposes are transformative. Seeing this video has also helped us come to the realization that when elements are used in a non-transformative way it is obvious to the viewer, therefore we have to make sure each thing we use is used in a transformative manner. In the video, their way of making their argument was by a comparison of the clips and it was made very clearly, so we have to make sure no matter what layout of the video we decide to use we also have to make our argument very clear and easy to be picked up by any viewer.


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