Copyright Revolution is a remix video that conveys the tension filled relationship between copyright holders and copyright infringers. This video depicts how copyright holders attempt to blockade efforts by society to infringe upon their copyrighted works. Harvey Dent, a.k.a. Two Face, serves as a representation of the copyright holders while the Joker represents the copyright infringers. As the song Uprising by Muse begins, the Joker sits solemnly in jail to symbolically represent the oppression society has experienced under copyright law and its application by copyright holders (in this video Harvey Dent/ Two Face). Litigation is a common weapon used by Copyright holders against infringers in order to frighten society about the dangers of what could happen if one decides to infringe upon copyright. Despite the threat of a lawsuit, society, or rather the Joker, continues to break loose on an infringing frenzy in the face of Dent/copyright holders, effectively “burning” the copyright holders (in the case of this video, literally) in the face of their constrictions. A revolution begins as the copyright infringers “rise up and get the power back” from copyright holders.

The Joker is now the one with the weapons, just like society copyright infringers has the weapons of sharing websites, downloading software, and hacking capabilities. While Dent/Copyright holders becomes increasingly angry, the Joker happily continues to create infringement chaos without a care in the world. Unable to understand how to respond, Dent/Copyright holders are being a made a mockery of as the joker/society continues to infringe. The infringers are burning away holders’ money; the tension builds between the two sides. The copyright infringers continue to illegally obtain free copyrighted content boldly in the face of the copyright holders. As time goes on, copyright holders continue to struggle to stop the infringers. Two Face dies and the Joker lives on to continue breaking the law. The copyright infringers have the last laugh.

This video uses the song Uprising by Muse to better explain our argument. Successfully creating the tension and angst that permeates throughout the Copyright Wars, It serves as the voice of the copyright infringers. This is because it explains how copyright infringers will refused to be controlled by copyright holders as they demand access to creative works; infringers seek to stop being degraded by copyright holders, and in the end the infringers have victory in getting their material through what they believe to be just methods.