Goal: Our goal was to show how strict copyright laws are forcing the average consumer to turn to illegal methods as a way of obtaining material. We wanted to do this through the use of entertaining material, hence the remix video. We used clips with important political figures to symbolize the oppressive copyright holders, and clips of consumer perspectives of copyright and of consumer rebellions.

Argument: Our argument was that current copyright laws are too strict and one-sided towards the producer. In our video, we showed how the law continuously presses down on the consumer as they try to go about their daily lives. As a result of the overreaching law, the consumer is forced to use illegal methods to obtain very simple materials. We used contrasting images and sounds in our video to show this struggle between the producer and government and the consumer. We began with videos of Presidents and CEOs of music industries, and then transitioned into consumer rebellion. The consumer rebellion was demonstrated in the rebellion clips and in the public’s personal opinion on copyright law.

Execution: In our remix, in order to express our argument, we compiled a series of videos composed of previous presidents, law enforcement officials, riots, and most importantly, interviews of unhappy consumers. We began our remix video with short clips, which were compiled to show the restrictions of copyright laws and to show the control of corporate industries over consumers. We utilized clips from “President Obama speech today Syria”, “When Copyright Goes Bad”, and “HARDtalk- The Music Industry- Digital Music & Piracy” because the president and John Kennedy, the CEO of the International Federation of the Phonographic Industry, symbolize the controlling music industries or copyright holders. The song “Clique” by Kanye West was integrated into the consumer videos because with the click of the mouse one can illegally download digital media, and “Cops” by Inner Circle was used as a voice over for the law enforcement videos. The clips of Mr. Bean in the train and the clip of Mr. Chow from “The Hangover” emphasize how the consumers mock the copyright law by illegally acquiring digital material, thus showing a rebellious side. In the end, the remix video is transformative because the video present an original argument that attempts to show how consumer rebellions derive from the copyright holder’s control.