The main goal of our remix video was to express our beliefs that music piracy is an ongoing problem because of the greed that is present in the music industry. We used clips of mainly protaganists from different movies and videos to help portray the average consumer, and the antagonist of the clip is used to represent the music industry and the greedy artist.  

Our main argument is that the music industry is overzealous in their stoping of piracy. Compared to all the money musicians have these days, music piracy really isn’t that big of a deal. Money should not be such a big influence on music, what should matter is not the money, but the message. We believe that art should be for art’s sake, not for the profit of the industry. Measures taken to stop piracy are harmful both to the consumer and to the true spirit of music. Our main arguments are that musicians are already quite rich, that money should not be driving music, that anti-piracy measures go too far, and that no matter what they do people are going to pirate music anyways.  

The video begins with Batman’s Joker stating, “All you care about is money.” This is the general message that we are presenting throughout the video. The background song we chose was Chumbawamba’s “Pass it Along mp3 mix”, which is a remix in itself of several songs by artists who have been strong advocates of punishment for music piracy, such as Metallica. An echoing voice in the song adds throughout the song “spectators, but not participants”. This is representative of the consumer’s role in the war on piracy, or in other words, lack of role. People have a general lack of concern with illegal downloading, and since this technology exists, it will never go away. “People are going to do what they want to do,” is another theme that resonates throughout the video. The consumer cannot be stopped.