For the remix video project, JJ and I put together a video made with popular YouTube remix videos. Behind that song we put a mash-up by DJ Earworm, a popular mash-up DJ, called “United States of Pop 2009”. The song was used because it represents what the new generation has become, a generation of remix. Our generation has developed a passion for remix, it is everywhere in our culture, and the copyright laws have not reacted to this fact. Everyone nowadays can be an author. The creation of the Internet has been the catalyst behind our new generations remix obsession. It has given everyone the tools to be their own author. This can be seen in remix videos all over YouTube and the rest of the internet. In our remix video, “The Perfect Remix”, we aim to bring to light the fact that copyright laws are out of date with the ideals of the current generation, especially the idea that everyone has an opportunity to be their own author.

In the video, we took snippets from the most popular remix videos on the internet, and made our own remix video. We had a selection of many different kinds of videos, but we handpicked the videos with a few purposes. The first purpose was to demonstrate how to properly make a remix video today. We chose videos that really identified how a video can properly fall under fair use. Each of the videos shows transformative uses of the original video. The second use was to choose remix videos that were popular. The essence of choosing a music video is to choose an original video that can resonate with the audience. Towards the end of the video, we even put in our own little remix video. We put in a video of JJ doing his own remix to the background song. This little clip was meant to bring home our overall message: everyone is an author.