Course blog for CSP 11 (Fall 2012) @ Occidental College

No lame, generic multiplexes here.  Take in Los Angeles film culture as it was meant to be seen!

  • The Vista: Words cannot express my love for this single-screen theater. Cheap tickets, great crowds to watch opening weekend movies with, and they’ve taken out every other row for extra legroom. Plus, for blockbusters, the manager will routinely dress up as one of the characters for opening night. It’s also near a ton of great food/dessert/coffee options, and a quick drive from Oxy.
  • The Arclight / The Cinerama Dome: Pricy, but worth it for the reserved seating, pristine projection, lack of pre-movie commercials, and the historical Cinerama Dome.
  • Cinefamily: At the Silent Movie Theater. Great themed programming, rare gems and forgotten classics, and (if you get there early) sofa seating.
  • New Beverly: Awesome grindhouse and classic cinema double features, a rotating slate of cool guest programmers (Tarantino, Dante, Wright, et. al.)
  • Nuart: Waaaay out on the west side of town, but worth one trip to the weekly performance of The Rocky Horror Picture Show (Saturdays at midnight) with a live cast. Swing by one of LA’s best remaining video stores, Cinefile (next door) while you’re there.
  • Cinespia Cemetary Screenings: These only take place on weekends in the summer, showing a range of classic and cult films. Bring a picnic, but be prepared to wait on line (say, 4pm arrival for 8pm show). Worth doing at least once!

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