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Below, you’ll find some images documenting the questions/concerns/situations we collectively generated in class last week, working towards the goal of collectively writing a code of best practices in fair use in preparation for our upcoming remix assignment.

In lieu of class this Friday and writing your weekly blog post, I expect you to spend that time contributing to our class’ code of best practices.  I have added in and added comments on some pre-existing situations from the Code of Best Practices in Fair Use for Online Video to serve as a foundation/inspiration, along with suggesting some broad “situations” for you to consider.  Some questions to think about, as you consider our specific “community of practice,” and the collective decisions we will make about how to access and use copyrighted materials in our remixes:

  • What best practices can we mutually agree upon in terms of extracting, using, disposing, and attributing copyrighted works?
  • How can we assure that what we create is transformative?
  • What kind of pre-production steps should we take to assess which audio and visual files will function as compelling “evidence” for our arguments?
  • Do we want to put our finished products under creative commons licenses?
  • How might we frame our finished projects to make a clear fair use claim?

You’ve all been invited to edit the googledoc via your Oxy email address, so you should be able to access it either through your google drive, or via this link.  Let me know if you’re having any issues accessing it. You can edit the content of the code itself, and pose questions as “comments” if you think a point warrants further discussion or analysis.