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Here’s a brief recap of what we covered/discussed this week and links to the prezis:


– Copyright by definition (function of copyright, what is and isn’t protected, and how the definition can lack definition)

– Brief distinction between copyright, patent, and trademark (here’s a nice, clear blog post on the basic distinctions)

– Discussion of the core tensions of the “Copyright Wars,” outlined in William Patry’s “How the Copyright Wars Are Being Fought and Why”

CSP 11 Week 2 on Prezi


– The law/norm gap

– Technology, surveillance, and the panoptic potential of copyright laws

– Visibility as a “trap,” mental control within the panopticon

– Hegemony: working definitions

– “Blinkers” within copyright discourse: public domain, authorship, gender

– The issues with how creativity (ex. romanticized notions of autonomous authorship) and free/dom (ex. the public domain as “the positive other”) are framed on BOTH sides of the copyright debates

– The call for “critical reflexivity” when reading/writing about copyright

CSP 11: Week 2.2 on Prezi